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January 3, 2016
“Do You Do Windows?”
D. Scott Cooper
We begin the New Year by continuing the
discussion of the Theological House. The
windows of our house allow us a view onto
the world, allow the world to look back at
us, and - if the lighting is just right - can
allow us to reflect on ourselves. Join us as
we explore how this useful metaphor can
deepen our faith and inform our lives.
Scott is a candidate for ordination as a
UU minister. This past summer he worked
as a Chaplain Intern at the new UT
Southwestern Clements Hospital in Dallas
just prior to beginning his final year of
seminary studies at Brite Divinity School.

January 10
“Hopes and Dreams Through the Year”
Members Decades Service
Each year we ask someone from each
decade of life to speak to us about their
hopes and dreams for the new year. Join us
for this much loved participatory service.

January 17
“The Body of Freedom”
The Reverend Jennifer Innis
Deep in the heart of justice is the question
of who controls one’s body. On this weekend
when we reflect on the legacy of Martin
Luther King, Jr., we hear from the voices
of Ta-Nehisi Coates and others who name
the body as the central measure of human

January 24
“The Mosque Next Door”
The Reverend Jennifer Innis
The question of “who is my neighbor?”
rises yet again in the recent reactions to
Muslim immigrants and refugees around
the world. What is the progressive response
to the nuances of not only the cultures
connected to Islam but also those who act
out of fear or self-defense?

January 31
“No Silent Seeker: Mary Moody Emerson and the
Emergence of Transcendentalism”
The Reverend Jennifer Innis
Ralph Waldo Emerson is revered
as a great voice of Unitarianism and
Transcendentalism in the early 1800’s. But
what voices inspired him? Join us for the
story of the aunt who was better “for a poet
than a patron”.


Rev. Jennifer Innis

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