First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

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Sunday Morning Worship
at 11:00 a.m.

April 3, 2016
“Trending Toward Love”
The Reverend Schuyler Vogel
We put a lot of effort into being the
best we can, but often we fall short
anyways. How can we make sense of our
vulnerabilities and see others as equally
Rev. Jennifer welcomes Rev. Schuyler
Vogel as a fellow graduate of Harvard
Divinity School and former intern at First
Church in Boston. His background also
includes growing up in Milwaukee, WI and
teaching high school social studies.

April 10
“Ready to Launch”
The Reverend Jennifer Innis
In every moment we stand at the threshold
facing futures yet unknown. How shall we
gather ourselves for the next journey? Join
us as we celebrate the end of our annual
budget drive and look forward to the year
to come.

April 17
“The Question of Violence”
The Reverend Jennifer Innis
As we explore our ultimate purpose in
this year’s theological themes, we must
include that with which we struggle. What
is the relationship between human nature,
a progressive faith, and the harm we do to
one another?

April 24
“Missa Gaia/Earth Mass”
Roy Redman & The First Jefferson Choir.
Our choir and guest musicians will be
leading Missa Gaia at the Sunday service
on April 24. This was produced by Paul
Winter and others for the Cathedral of St.
John the Divine in New York City, where it is
performed annually. It uses traditional mass
texts along with special earth-centered lyrics
to celebrate Gaia. The music is soft jazz and
we will be assisted by Trevor Caballero on
soprano saxophone, and Sean Redman on


Rev. Jennifer Innis

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