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First Jefferson offers a religious education program that delves into the fascinating aspects of the world's religions. This roundtable discussion meets in the John Adams room on Sundays at 9:30 a.m each week. All are welcome.


The Hero with a Thousand Faces
October 1, 2017 - December 20, 2018

We discuss Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Princeton University Press; 2nd edition; (March 1, 1972). ISBN-10: 0691017840. ISBN-13: 978-0691017846. (Paperback).

book coverThe book uncovers some of the truths disguised under figures of religion and mythology. Campbell explores Apollo, the Frog King of the fairy tale, Wotan, the Buddha, and others, and the relationship of their timeless symbols to those rediscovered in dream by depth psychology. He compares the psychological view with the words of such spiritual leaders as Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Lao-tse, and the “Old Men” of the Australian tribes. From behind a thousand faces, the single hero emerges, archetype of all myth, and, through him, a statement of the basic truths by which man has lived throughout the millennia. (Joseph Campbell and Princeton University Press)



Preface to the 1949 Edition

PROLOGUE: The Monomyth

1. Myth and Dream

2. Tragedy and Comedy

3. The Hero and the God

4. The World Navel


CHAPTER I: Departure

1. The Call to Adventure

2. Refusal of the Call

3. Supernatural Aid

4. The Crossing of the First Threshold

5. The Belly of the Whale

CHAPTER II: Initiation

1. The Road of Trials

2. The Meeting with the Goddess

3. Woman as the Temptress

4. Atonement with the Father

5. Apotheosis

6. The Ultimate Boon


1. Refusal of the Return

2. The Magic Flight

3. Rescue from Without

4. The Crossing of the Return Threshold

5. Master of the Two Worlds

6. Freedom to Live



CHAPTER I: Emanations

1. From Psychology to Metaphysics

2. The Universal Round

3. Out of the Void-Space

4. Within Space-Life

5. The Breaking of the One into the Manifold

6. Folk Stories of Creation

CHAPTER II: The Virgin Birth

1. Mother Universe

2. Matrix of Destiny

3. Womb of Redemption

4. Folk Stories of Virgin Motherhood

CHAPTER III: Transformations of the Hero

1. The Primordial Hero and the Human

2. Childhood of the Human Hero

3. The Hero as Warrior

4. The Hero as Lover

5. The Hero as Emperor and as Tyrant

6. The Hero as World Redeemer

7. The Hero as Saint

8. Departure of the Hero

CHAPTER IV: Dissolutions

1. End of the Microcosm

2. End of the Macrocosm

EPILOGUE: Myth and Society

1. The Shapeshifter

2. The Function of Myth, Cult, and Meditation

3. The Hero Today


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