First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Religious Education Curricula

Curriculum for 2014-2015

Our providers look after our
youngest children. Ages 0-3

Spirit Play
Using a story- and worship based
approach, children have a chance to
explore their own deep questions about
where we come from and how we live our
lives. Volunteers help the children create
a safe place for art and other kinds of
responses to the stories. Originally created
by Nita Penfold, the Rev. Ralph Roberts, and
Beverly Leute Bruce. Ages Pre-K through
Grade 1.

Toolbox of Faith
This UUA Tapestry of
Faith Curriculum by Kate Tweedy Erslev
invites participants to refl ect on the quality
of our Unitarian Universalist faith, such as
integrity, courage and love, along with tools
they can use in living their lives and building
their own faith. Grades 2-4.

Jedi Academy Mindfulness Training
For Grades 5-7. This program created by
Unitarian Universalist educator Jessica
Gray and many colleagues is a chance
to use “modern mythology” as a way to
nurture awareness of the world, foster
personal spiritual focus, and to explore the
seven principles in Unitarian Universalism.

Coming of Age
This year is the
culmination of the religious education
program and is a special chance for
our young people to explore Unitarian
Universalism with mentoring relationships
as they start the path toward adulthood.
Grades 8-9.

Our Name is Earl for Grades 10-12.
This curriculum by Unitarian Universalist
educator Natalie Briscoe is based on the
popular television show, “My Name is Earl”.
Major themes include karma, personal
responsibility, and developing spiritual

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