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General information

The children and youth do not have regular classes or programs during June, July, and early August. The nursery is open from 9am-1pm every Sunday. The Religious Education Council is preparing a great year focused on world religions. The new children and youth program begins on August 20, 2017.

Registration is Open!

Registration helps everyone keep track
of children and youth from the nursery
up through high school. Please complete
a form for the new program year even
if you registered in previous years. Also,
the second part of the form includes the
general behavioral covenant we agree to
as a program. Please discuss the covenant
with your child(ren), too.

To help with materials needed to run the
program, we ask for a voluntary donation
of $50 per child. We understand that
resources vary from family to family. Every
contribution is gratefully received. Thank
you for your support!

Forms are available in the main office and
in every classroom. Please give completed
forms and donations to Rachel Hawkins or
Rev. Jennifer.

General Information – Sunday Mornings

Sunday Morning for Children:

9:00am – Volunteers open the building
and start coffee. Nursery workers arrive.

9:15am – Nursery is open. Volunteers
arrive to prepare for class.

9:30am – Choir Rehearsal and Adventures
in Religion begin. Classrooms are open for
early arriving children and youth.

9:45am – Forum, Journeys, and classes for
children and youth begin.

10am – End of late arrival window for
children and youth. See Sunday Coordinator
for information.

10:30am – End of Journeys and
Adventures in Religion

10:45am – End of children and youth
classes. Parents/guardians sign them out.

11:00am – Worship begins

12:30pm – Nursery begins to wind down.

1:00pm – Nursery closed.

*A Note about 10am: Parents are asked
to bring children and youth to class no
later than 10am. The Children and Youth
Religious Education Council and I are
trying to encourage a strong community
of children with fewer interruptions and to
respect the preparation of our volunteers.
After 10am, the Religious Education
Coordinator of the day can help families
fi nd refreshments in Coleman Hall,
introduce them to greeters and other
friends and members, and set up activities
that can be found in the bins outside the
supply closet. Remember: Children age 3
and under can be brought to the Nursery
at any time. Children and Youth Religious
Education Council and I are available for
questions related to the new schedule.

ChaliceSunday Morning Worship: We encourage family worship here at First Jefferson – our community expectation is that children and youth will join their parents and the rest of the congregation in the 11 a.m. worship service.  We offer nursery care for infants and toddlers, and Chalice Children for younger children who cannot remain in service, but if your family wishes to worship together, children of all ages are always welcome in our worship services, in whole or in part. Worship ends at 12:10pm. Parents can pick up children from Chalice Children or the Nursery.

Chalice Children: Younger children may stay in church with their families or may participate in Chalice Children, a program for our children who are too young to attend an entire worship service.  Chalice Children are included in the first half of the worship service, and leave for supervised playtime following the Story Time typically at 11:25 (Listen for the song, “As We Leave this Friendly Place”)  Typically, our children graduate from the Chalice Children program in the 3rd grade.  Chalice Children is run as a parent co-op, overseen by Rachel Hawkins.  If your child(ren) attend regularly, please plan to volunteer.  Please pick up your children immediately following the service

Nursery: Offered from 9:30a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Babies and toddlers through age three
Please bring diapers and a change of clothing in a labeled bag.  Please label bottles and toys as well.  We ask nursing mothers to let us know where they will be sitting in church so that we can find them with a minimum of disruption to the church service.  If you have any questions, please see one of our nursery staff.

Our religious education department is a volunteer and parent coop driven entity.  It is even more important than ever that we get parent volunteers. Please sign up for three events (in order of preference) to help our RE be the best possible — we need you!


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