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Visitors welcome!  The discussion group meets each Sunday at 9:30 a.m. in Jaggers Library. There is no requirement that you 'know' anything about the Bible. We are not the First Jefferson 'Bible experts'. The reason we like this curriculum is because it allows us to approach these scriptures in a non-threatening way. We don't look for answers, or even consensus. We don't debate. We just want to investigate what this book is.  We seek to learn about these stories because they give us insight into those specific roots of our faith which come from the Judeo/Christian traditions.

The group uses a study guide that provides non-doctrinal weekly Bible readings with supplementary material designed to help the story come alive and help study group members make connections with their daily life and their inner life. It's a great resource for progressives (and other open minded folks) to develop a deeper understanding of the foundations of Judaism and Christianity.  Each issue of the study guide covers 8 or 9 weeks and can be ordered for $35, or we can share one with you.

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