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This Week@First Jefferson

July 23–August 1, 2021

Love is the doctrine of this church, the quest of truth is our sacrament and service is our prayer.

This Sunday


“Hot as Hell”
The Reverend Annie Foerster, Services available anytime Sunday and beyond
It’s that time of year when people bring forth that phrase in Texas. Do they even have any idea about how hot Hell might be? According to first-person reports, hotter than here. This might be a good time to look at the founding and the history of this dreaded piece of real estate.

The Questions for Sunday’s Service

Why was Hell considered necessary in the first place by so many religious leaders in so many faiths?

And, why, in this enlightened and scientific age, doesn’t it go away?

Adventures in Religion: May 10, 2020, through November 7, 2021
Adventures in Religion is meeting by phone, 9:30 am We explore world religions. We are discussing the readings listed in our Buddhism, Part 2, program, on the church website at Find Adventures in Religion on the home page and click on Details to see the program. We read out loud together. No need to read in advance. Contact: Marian Wendel.
This Sunday:
  Buddhism, Part 2
    The Future of the Dalai Lama and Tibet
    The Self-Immolation of a Buddhist Monk

News to Use

Thank You!

A big, big thank you to all who came out last Saturday to work on preparing the church for reopening. The team got a lot of things completed inside and outside, setting the stage for our remaining work days. Things are beginning to shape up! Thank you for all the work you do to support First Jefferson and its future. Thanks to Brian Skinner, Mary Anne Clark, Roy Brake, Paul Schattman, Christine Schattman, Karl Thibodeaux, Laurie Mikitka, Cassie Purdin, Lily Purdin, Joel Bailey, Charlotte Bailey, Colleen Brewer, David Binde and anyone else who pitched in any way!

We have two more dates scheduled—August 7 and 21. Let’s have an even better turnout on those days and get the church looking it’s best for our reopening day.

Stop by for a visit

The church office is now open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-4pm and on Wednesdays 1pm-7pm. For those of you (which is most of you) who haven’t been here in a while, the next two months will be a great time to stop by a nd visit. Work has begun on Parlor and hallway repairs—and volunteer opportunities abound. There are three work days planned on Saturdays over the next two months, but if Saturdays don’t fit your schedule due to work, family or other commitments, we can find a time to accomodate your schedule needs. It needs to be all hands on deck to have the church looking it’s best by September 12 — a mere 52 days away!

If you'd like to stop by and find some ways to help us get ready for reopening by spending a few minutes or a few hours volunteering, or even if you are just in the neighborhood and would like to say “hello”, please feel free to pay us a visit. Rev. Annie will be here most Wednesdays (please call or email ahead if you need a specific appointment time with her) and Karl will be here Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

See you soon (and finally, that even means everyone, together)!

Changes Coming Soon to Weekly Email!

Later this month will we will be switching to a two email format. There will be a News/Special Event email that will go out on Wednesday and there will be Worship email that will go out at the end of the week. More details coming next week.

Information Connection

First Jefferson Coffee Hour

Bring the breakfast beverage of your choice and join us in our virtual coffee bar for some conversation and fellowship. We begin the meeting each Sunday at 10:00 and meet for about an hour—sometimes a bit more if the conversation is lively.

To join by computer:
Meeting ID: 783 805 1279

To join by phone:
+1 346 248 7799
Meeting ID: 783 805 1279

Local Vaccination Link

All adults are eligible to receive Covid vaccinations and are encouraged to sign up here as soon as possible. This is an important step toward stopping the spread of COVID-19 and returning to in person services safely next fall.

Our Vision
At First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church, we offer hope through service and the connections we share, we embrace the transforming power of awe, and we seek joy by living our values.

Hope • Joy • Awe • Connection

52 Days Until in Person Services Begin!

We’ll be together in person on September 12, 2021.

Message and Appeal

From Paul Schattman, Vice-President, First Jefferson Board of Trustees

In 18 months Covid has killed more than 600,000 Americans. It took 4 years of Civil War to approximate that number. World Wars I and II did not even come close. That total is rising daily. The Delta variant shows increasing capacity to cause “break through” infection of vaccinated individuals—mostly mild cases—and is causing an often fatal “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. We have clocked a 70% rise in infections among the unvaccinated in just the past three weeks and no sign of its slowing down. It's more likely the rate of infections and deaths among the vax refusers will be increasing in the foreseeable future.

All church members eligible for shots should be encouraged, urged, hectored and lectured to get vaccinated. Before we re-open on 12 September, get your Covid vaccine. MRNA vaccines from Pfizer or Moderna are the best (95%). The Astra-Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson are not quite as good (75%). All these are easily available and free at almost any pharmacy. Follow the Science; Listen to the Medical experts. Ignore the talking heads spouting unverified nonsense and unsupported speculations on social media sites, the internet, podcasts, and on phony news sites.

This is Science not Fiction. Vaccines are proven safe and effective. Unless you have a valid medical reason not to, you should get vaccinated ASAP. Fewer than 0.01% of persons receiving the vaccines have had adverse reactions.

Order Of Service for This Sunday,
July 25, 2021

Welcome & Announcements


Call to Worship Come, Yet Again, Come Anne Slater

Chalice Lighting Leslie Pohl Kosbauy

Opening hymn #38 Morning Has Broken



Story for All Ages A Visit to the Afterlife Alice K. Turner

First Response

Generosity Report

Reading The History of Hell David O Rankin

Hymn #17 Every Night and Every Morn

Second Response

Communion of Names and Milestones


Musical Interlude

Third Response

Closing Hymn #1008 When Our Heart is in a Holy Place

Extinguishing the Chalice

Benediction John Murray

Next Sunday


“Think Like the Buddha, Part I”
The Reverend Annie Foerster, Services available anytime Sunday and beyond
Buddha’s birthday is this month and I thought it would be a nice way to celebrate his thoughtfulness and what he has given to the world. I donít think I can bring it all to you in twenty minutes, so I’ve given myself permission to say, ‘To be continued.’ Buddha is one of my favorite theologians and when I am muddled about something or upset over a thing I can’t control, I often remind myself to think like the Buddha. It helps.

Notable Quotable

“The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”

John Milton

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